Experience Fall Outdoors!

Take a deep breath. Can you feel that? It’s winter coming. Before it gets here, though, we still have to enjoy the beauty of fall. That’s what it’s meant for.

Whatever you’re doing, drop it, because you need to start planning some outings to make the most of the season of changing colors. Colorado is the perfect place to experience nature this time of year. These colorful, fresh, and crisp days are meant for enjoyment! Here are some ideas for your next fall outdoor adventure.

Pick Some Apples

There is nothing like eating an apple you picked yourself. There are a lot of great places in Colorado to go apple picking. A trip to the apple orchard is a beautiful way to spend time with family or friends this fall.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkins = Fall. There’s pumpkin everything this season —lattes, pies, cookies, bread, beer, you name it. Visiting a pumpkin patch is one of the most fall-like things you can do. Head out there, pick a pumpkin that is perfect for carving and make a day of it. There are many pumpkin patches these days that offer a wide variety of activities for your visit.

aspen-lane atv funGo for a Hike

The trails are surrounded by fall foliage, and it is just an irresistible activity this time of year. Crisp air and beautiful scenery await. Just pack your hiking essentials, and you’re good to go.

Gather Round a Bonfire

Picture yourself immersed in nature. No city sounds or stress whatsoever. Just you —and your friends or family— telling stories around a bonfire, maybe throw some marshmallows and hot chocolate into the mix. Camping is a great fall outdoor activity, and it gives you the perfect opportunity to relax and connect with nature. If you’re in for a big adventure, combine it with other activities like an ATV tour. 👌


With so many options, what are you waiting for to get out there? We only have three months. Might as well make the best of them.

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