What Happens When You Unplug and Recharge in Nature?

Daily life revolves around being connected. You no longer have to wait till you get to the office to check your email, you don’t need to call your friends to see what they are up to, anything and everything you want is within reach at any time, anywhere, thanks to digital devices.

We’re connected to these things more than we connect to each other. Between social networks and messaging apps, our lives seem to be absorbed by all that technology, but even with all that connectivity, we still feel disconnected.

When we connect with nature, the opposite happens. Life feels different the more you disconnect from all that, and instead, travel and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. These are some of the benefits of unplugging and connecting with nature.

Gives You Clarity

The brain gets saturated from the constant exposure to technology, and that can make your mind feel cloudy. Breathing fresh air and being exposed to nature can calm your mind down, make you feel grounded, give you a new perspective on life making your problems seem trivial, and allow you to appreciate things more.

No phoneBoosts Creativity

Noisy environments tend to block creativity. As you embark on an electronic-free trip, enjoy the quiet of nature and all that surrounds you, new ideas organically will start coming to you. Spending time with yourself and your thoughts can help you get those fresh ideas you’re looking for.

Improves Your Mental and Physical Health

Disconnecting from social media and all that —at least for a few hours a week— while you enjoy the beauty of nature, can help calm your mind and your body, improve sleep —blue light from screens can mess with your sleep patterns— reduce stress, and even lower your blood pressure.

Makes You Feel Happy

Just taking a walk in the outdoors can give you a sense of freedom and happiness. Connecting with nature revives your energy and makes you see life through a different lens.


As you plan your next adventure, consider leaving your phone behind so you can take it all in, free your mind and you’ll come back feeling like a new you.

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