Colorado State is an amazing place for small game lovers, no doubt about it. And among the many bird varieties, mammals, waterfowl animals that can be found, there is a particular one too: pheasant. Been hunt since as early as medieval ages, pheasant is a beautiful and widely spread galliform bird. And Colorado offers great conditions to hunt the pheasant this fall.

Today, we share with you some details on this small game excitement and a great video from one of our most relevant sources the Colorado Parks and Wild Life organization. Mile Hi Rafting Company, just 30 minutes from Denver, offers outdoor adventure for outdoor and hunting enthusiasts. We offer ATV and UTV tours and full overnight camping excursions, and help you plan your hunting adventure too!

Pheasant season information at Colorado

Pheasant lovers know that there are various ways to prepare this beautifully colored bird. These birds are characterized by their bright and bold colors, males are bigger than females with longer tails. The most common and widely spread specie is the common pheasant. And pheasant season officially starts this next Saturday November 8th. There are 2 seasons, both start this Saturday and end on January, 2015. The daily bag limit is 3 cocks and the possession 9 cocks. Since 2014 Colorado has had some better precipitation, pheasant feeding conditions have also ameliorated with it.

Colorado Parks and Wild Life pheasant hunting video

A U.S. State of Colorado division, the Colorado Parks and Wild Life agency manages 44 parks and 307 wildlife areas of Colorado. Working on the preservation, management and expansion of Colorado’s parks, this organization opened the last park, Staunton, last year and expects to open Lone Mesa in the near future. We share with you this minute and half thrilling pheasant hunting video from their small game stock:


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