How to Polish Your Wildflower Photography Skills

There are many ways to enjoy the outdoors. From hiking and camping, to taking beautiful photographs. The beauty of photography allows us to see the world through someone else’s eyes. You can share your adventures through amazing photographs. Once flowers have bloomed, it is impossible not to want to spend some time capturing their beauty. Photographing wildflowers might seem like a simple task, but there is a trick to it, if you want to truly convey their beauty and essence on camera. Consider these tips for the next time you come across a field of wildflowers on a future adventure.

Take Advantage of Back Lighting

Shooting into the sun will help colors pop up, so you can capture their true beauty. The backlight will also bring out the transparent quality of the petals, helping you bring out the delicate quality of the flower.

Use Blur to Give Depth to Your Photo

The blur will help you focus on the most important element on your photo and add depth to your composition. Just blur the background to bring the focal point forward.

How to Polish Your Wildflower Photography Skills

Capture Color

Focusing on colorful subjects or landscapes is a great way to bring your photos to life. Pick a flower or a landscape where the contrast of colors brings a lot of richness to your photos.

Cloudy Days are Great

Not all is lost when the day is cloudy. Actually, cloudy days are perfect because clouds help soften harsh light and provide better lighting for your photo.


Pack your bags for your next adventure and don’t forget your camera!

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