Things To Do and See in Clear Creek County!

Mile Hi Rafting offers adventure excursions and tours to every outdoor enthusiast, in the form of white water rafting trips, ATV or UTV tours, and camping excursions.  We love the beauty Clear Creek County has to offer and love sharing that with others.  When visiting our neck of the woods, explore a little and see what else these mountains boast!  Below are a few ideas to extend your day while visiting Mile Hi Rafting!

Where To Eat

Beau Jo’s: Idaho Springs offers some legendary eateries.  Beau Jo’s is one of them.  Serving mouthwatering mountain pies since 1973.  A Colorado company that utilizes wind and solar power sources in their establishments.   Aside from offering custom pizza pies, they also cater to the health conscientious.  Having selections from gluten free to low carb pizza and using only honey to sweeten their dough rather than sugar, this trademark in town will be sure to please! Buffalo Bar: One of the most popular eateries in Colorado, the Buffalo Restaurant and Bar offers the most authentic Western dining experience to visitors.  Over a century old, the building boasts a history rich in fact and legend.  Come by and see for yourself!

Where To ShopUntitled image (4)

Clear Creek County has distinctly unique shopping communities.  From Idaho Springs to Georgetown, Silver Plume to Dumont, come explore and you will be sure to find a one of a kind gift or at least charm and beauty of a quintessential western mountain town.  While you are out and about shopping, stop and have tea at Georgetown or Silver Plume’s classic Victorian tea rooms!

What To See

Gold Mine Tours: Clear Creek County played host to over thousands of miners over eighty years collecting over hundreds of millions of dollars of gold and ore.  Today, Clear Creek sees guests from all fifty states and may foreign countries.  Several mill’s and mines are favorite educational hotspots and offer entertaining outings for individuals and families interested in a little history and adventure! Clear Creek County ColoradoMt Evans: Take a drive up the highest paved road in the northern hemisphere!  You can drive to the top of Mt Evans at 14,265 feet!  At the top, you should see an abundance of wildlife, including white mountain goats, bighorn sheep and more!

Adventure Activities

Clear Creek County offers every adventurer a full day of outdoor play in every kind of element catering to all skill ranges.  In summer, you have the option of zip lining, horseback riding, mountaineering, ATV, mountain biking, camping, white water rafting, and paddleboarding to name a few.  In winter, one has the options of snow shoeing, hunting, ATV, UTV, skiing, snowboarding, soaking in hot springs and more!

Don’t Forget To Try Mile Hi’s Chuckwagon Suppers When Exploring!

Mile Hi Chuck Wagon Mile Hi Rafting is convenient and its location makes it an ideal destination for day trips and vacations.   We offer child and group discounts, and some of the hottest deals on the river.  We meet any Licensed and Permitted Colorado Outfitters’ Prices on same trip same river and match special pricing as well!  Come see us for your next adventure and sample our Chuckwagon meals while you are out and about!

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