Your next love-bird trip might as well be an unforgettable experience! How about combining some of Clear Creek River county’s best eateries and places to stay, with some of the excitement and thrill of an ATV tour ride or the pleasantness of a horse-back ride? Mile Hi Rafting’s convenient location, just 30 miles from Denver, makes it an ideal destination for day trips or weekends get-aways. Today, we give you some recommendations to plan a perfect romantic adventure.

Cozy bed, and nice food = essentials for two!Couple outdoors

MAD CREEK BED & BREAKFASTMad Creek is a Victorian cottage that offers a rustic atmosphere and old mountain charm. Homemade cookies in the evening, fresh coffee and full breakfast (nobody leaves Mad Creek hungry). A hot tub surrounded by beautiful gardens for your star gazing pleasure.

Beau Jo’s: One of Idaho Springs’ legendary eateries.  Serving mouthwatering mountain pies since 1973. Having selections from gluten free to low carb pizza and using only honey to sweeten their dough rather than sugar, this trademark in town will be sure to please!

Buffalo Bar: One of the most popular eateries in Colorado, the Buffalo Restaurant and Bar offers the most authentic Western dining experience to visitors.  Over a century old, the building boasts a history rich in fact and legend.



Adventures for two!

Imagine the two of you, atop an ATV or UTV riding the Rocky Mountains trails, gazing at marvelous sights, visiting old abandoned gold mines and ghost towns; or, why not, rocking your way through these spectacular sight-seeing trails on a horse too. Add to this excitement some campaign nights, and you would have a story you’ll remember forever.


Book your ATV, UTV tour or horse-back ride for two with MILE HI RAFTING COMPANY!

At Mile Hi Rafting, we have what you need to add the excitement needed to make your trip as unforgettable as possible! Book your ATV  or UTV tour, along with a horse-back ride with us! Check our packages, we offer to help you plan your perfect weekend get-away for the both of you!

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