How to Inspect Your ATV?

Ready to embark on your first all-terrain vehicle adventure? Before you jump into the wilderness, there are certain ATV inspection points you need to check out. We have put together a list of the most important things you need to check to make the most of your ATV trail riding.

Air Filter

If your air filter is dark brown, it is time to clean not only the filter but the air box.


All you need to do is to test them and adjust the breaks if needed.

Chain & Sprocket

Putting oil to your ATV chain is critical for the best performance of your vehicle. That should be part of your regular maintenance routine. Plus, you should check the chain tension and adjust according to the recommendations of the manufacturer.


Check the level of all fluids of your vehicle. That includes brake fluid, fuel, and oil. Dirty, rancid, or low levels means it is time to change the fluid or add more.


How to Inspect Your ATV?

To avoid handlebar grips from loosening, secure them with adhesive or wire, and if they move unsteadily from side to side or have tears in them, go to the first sports store to get new ones.

Nuts & Bolts

You have to make sure all nuts and bolts are tight. Just giving them a once-over before you start. In this way, you will prevent trouble while driving in the wilderness.


Your radiator should always be in top condition. The last thing you want is your vehicle to stop because of overheating. So, before your adventure starts, clean it up. Remove debris and clear it from mud.

SuspensionATV Inspection

The objective here is to check the tie rods and ball joints to avoid the ATV from excessively wobbling, too much play in the handlebars as you steer will make driving difficult.

Tires & Wheels

Check your air pressure and look for wear and tear in your treads. Also, inspect the axle nuts, lug nuts, and cotter pins to make sure they are secure.

Now you know how to keep your ATV off-road ready and prepared to face the off-highway environment!

Of course, you could have a certified mechanic go through this inspection. When you work with a professional outdoor fitter, the expert will perform the inspection before your adventure starts. So, you can enjoy Colorado’s amazing nature without having to worry about the vehicle’s safety and performance. Book your next ATV trip here.

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