I love the spring-summer transition. Colorado’s wilderness displays all its magnificence. It Spring tree with fresh leaves on a meadow at sunsetis one of my favorite times of the year.

Maybe you and your friends or family are planning to make the most of these wonderful days and go camping somewhere near Clear Creek or any other great natural sites this country has to offer.

Outdoors activities are excellent options our body and mind to stay healthy. However, taking several precautions before going hiking or camping in the woods, is advised.

It is very important staying on the trails however, a sudden bad weather change, a twisted ankle, falling sick or just making the wrong turn, can make you lose track of your path.

Always be Prepared

Clear Creek campingBefore performing any outdoor activity, you need to prepare yourself. Precaution and a prior research of your destination, its surroundings and its fauna and flora can save your life.

Never leave with an empty stomach. Always try to eat before leaving and always tell someone exactly when and where you are going. Bring with you basic survival gear, such as a knife, matches, cord, compass, water, a mirror and a whistle.

None of these things are heavy and won’t take much space in your backpack. Try always carrying them with you even though, it’s supposed to be just a half-day hike.

Take your phone with you. Even when you are trying to get away for a few hours, don’t ever leave without any communication device. If you don’t want to be bothered, turn it off, but in a risky situation you can use it and call for help right away.

Avoid Running Unnecessary Risks

You don’t need to be a survival expert in order to enjoy the thrill of camping or hiking in the woods. Mile Hi Rafting offers a wide range of excellent options to taste nature’s delightful magnificence in a safe, controlled environment.

We offer tent camping for the person that wants a total mountain adventure, only minutes from Denver. We have a variety of tent sites along Clear Creek, as well as forested sites.

Camping can be added to any of our trips. Enjoy whitewater rafting, bike ridding, hiking, birding, ATV and UTV tours during the day and sing songs, count falling stars and toast marshmallows by night.

Call Mile Hi Rafting today and book your safe, adventurous trip at once.

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