Nothing compares to the freedom and excitement that an ATV provides to experience the outdoors. Travel far through rough and challenging trails as you enjoy the beauty of nature. And probably the best feature of an ATV is the fact that it is made for all terrain, even snow. Nonetheless, snow and cold temperatures usually scare away even the biggest ATV enthusiasts. Let us share some tips and suggestions to enjoy winter rides and ATV tours. No need to wait until summer arrives, get out there now.

MileHI tours winterGetting Ready for an ATV Adventure

Just like any other outdoor activity, when riding an ATV in cold temperatures is vital to take precautions and be prepared. Number one rule is staying warm. You need to wear the appropriate outfit and gear to keep your body temperature stable. Cloth layering techniques will do the trick. Remember to take a backpack with you, where you can store the clothes and gear you won’t be using as well as other equipment you should take when riding your ATV. Even if you’re warm enough when standing outdoors, the chilly breeze and melting snow may make you wish you were wearing a little extra. So plan ahead and you won’t have any regrets!

Besides the regular gear you would wear when hiking in cold temperatures, you could take with you a balaclava and wear it under your helmet. This way your entire face will be warm or you could just use it as extra head protection from the cold. To protect your eyes, you can look for dual-pane goggles or eyewear with the lenses that won’t fog. Summer single-pane goggles will work too, but they get foggy way faster. Just saying, you want to make sure you can see the road ahead.

Expect the Unexpected, just in case!

Winter conditions force us to take extra precautions before hitting the trails. Even with the best machines, mechanical failures can happen at any time. Getting stuck middle of nowhere in freezing temperatures is no joke. The first rule of thumb is never to ride alone. Riding with a group increases the possibilities of fixing any issue or an unexpected situation, or at least getting a ride somewhere. If you don’t have a group to ride with, join a tour and let someone else take care of all the details for you.

MileHi ATV toursYou should never go without…

Besides your riding gear, pack extra socks, long underwear, gloves and a few wool blankets. Having extra dry clothes makes a huge difference. Water and snacks are always a good idea too. You many not think you’ll need to eat, but you may not have expected to get stuck or lost either. For extreme situations, bring along sealable baggies, for melting snow. In general, plastic bags are always great to carry to keep stuff dry. That includes your cell phone, matches, a flashlight, GPS and your snacks. If you’re an explorer, don’t forget a map (paper or digital with extra batteries), a whistle and the basics of first aid kit.

Have fun, stay safe and share the photos of your ATV adventures with us!



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