Extended 2014 White Water Rafting Season with Mile Hi Rafting!

The 2014 season for white water rafting has been extended on the Arkansas River!  With just a few weeks of summer left, come raft on the Arkansas River and enjoy one of the best white water rafting seasons yet!  Mile Hi Rafting is offering rafting through early to mid September depending on the water levels.  Bring the kids, let it be an end of summer adventure before school starts.  There are trips available for every age and skill level.

The Arkansas Rivermilehi mild

The Arkansas River is recognized as one of the nation’s most popular location for whitewater rafting and kayaking.  Only three hours south of Denver, it is the most commercially rafted river in the United States, and rightfully so!  The wild and mild river flows 150 miles from Leadville, through the Sawatch mountain range, Colorado’s tallest mountains, thru Pueblo to the edge of Colorado’s plains.  You will find class IV and V rapids to mild class II and III sections.  The upper Arkansas River is the most popular for families.  Some sections are so mild, you would have thought they were designed with families in mind.  All rafting trips include the stunning scenery of the towering collegiate peaks in the background.  September will be the perfect time for a rafting trip as the leaves will be changing colors, yet the temperature is still mild.

Mile Hi Rafting Trips on The Arkansas River

white waterBrown’s Canyon

If you are coming with children, or this is your first time white water rafting, this is the perfect trip for you.  This canyon offers I through III class of rapids.  The rafting trip will wind down an18 mile stretch of the Arkansas River, offering a full day of fun for adults or kids.  The minimum weight per person on this raft is 50 pounds.  All children over 50 pounds are welcome, all children under 50lbs, come back next year!  The price for this trip is $80 per child and $90 for adults and includes a riverside lunch!

Royal Gorge

If you consider yourself ‘advanced’ in white water rafting or have had white water rafting experience this trip is for you!  You must be able to swim, and fully confident in the water.  This trip includes rapids of classes II thru IV.  You will wind down 20 miles on the Arkansas River, a full day experience.  The minimum age is 16 years old, and the cost is $109 per person and includes a riverside lunch!

Book Your White Water Rafting Excursion Now Before the Season is Over!


Mile Hi Rafting is convenient and its location makes it an ideal destination for day trips and vacations. We offer professionally guided white water rafting and ATV tours.  We provide all the gear- wet suits, splash jackets, PFD, helmets and ATV’s.  We have trips for any ability and adventure level!  Kids are always welcome on any of our trips!  We pride ourselves in being flexible and will help you arrange any combination of options to create your own experience.  Call us to book your next adventure!

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