Fueling your body is essential, especially when you’re outdoors on an adventure. The trick is in choosing nutritious foods that will keep your energy levels and won’t go bad quickly.

Non-Perishable Foods That Will Keep Your Body Fueled Outdoors

It can be hard to decide on healthy snack ideas you can bring outdoors that won’t spoil within a few hours. It seems like every healthy option is perishable and not every outdoor activity is compatible with carrying a cooler around just to keep your snacks intact. Protein will definitely help keep your energy up, so, we’re bringing you a few non-perishable snack ideas to get you through your outdoor adventure.

Edamame, a.k.a Soybeans

Soybeans are jam-packed with veggie protein. They are super delicious on their own. You can roast them or steam them and carry them in a little container. This could be a great trail snack. Once you try it, you’ll definitely want seconds.

Non-Perishable Foods That Will Keep Your Body Fueled OutdoorsNuts and Seeds

The no-brainers and another great snack for on-the-go. They are full of healthy fats and plant-based protein. They would be perfect for a hike because they’re easy to handle. Ideally, go for the unsalted kind and save yourself the unneeded sodium.

Natural Nut Butters

They keyword here is “natural”. Most peanut butters have added oils and sugar that you don’t need, so make sure you check the labels to find the healthiest kind. Don’t forget to bring a spoon or some crackers with you.


Another option that is packed with protein to keep you going for longer. You can make your own jerky and avoid the sodium overload that the packaged version has. Switch from beef jerky to salmon jerky to get the most protein.

Canned Tuna

A can of tuna has about 20g of protein. It takes up almost no space in your backup, it’s easy to open and it’s delicious. Pair it with some saltines to have a more fulfilling meal.

Have You Planned Your Next Adventure Yet?

Whether your trip to the outdoors is long or short, always make sure you pack food that will not only satiate your hunger but will nourish your body and give you the energy you need to finish strong. Now that you know what to put in your backpack, all you need to do is plan a nice outdoor trip. Colorado nature awaits and Mile Hi Rafting can help you design your trip so you can enjoy nature to the fullest. Give us a call and let’s talk adventure.

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