Great rafting guides will make your whitewater rafting experience far more enjoyable.

5 Characteristics That Define a Great Rafting Guide

Sure. Rafting guides have to be knowledgeable about all the rafting basics and be skilled in navigating rivers. But beyond their experience, what takes a rafting guide from being good to great is a set of soft skills that have tons of value in contributing to making everyone’s experience truly enjoyable.

Fosters an Inclusive Environment

Bringing people together is one of the things that a great guide really excels at. Going whitewater rafting is a thrilling experience that brings people of many walks of life together. To make things work, people need to feel like a team, even if they’ve never met before. A good guide will know just how to break the ice and make people engage with each other, fostering camaraderie, and making room for new friendships to form.

Tells Amazing Stories

All those incredible rafting experiences are priceless, but the best part is the opportunity to share those experiences with others. A great guide will always have many stories to tell. Each story adds to the overall experience of their guests and makes for wonderful memories.

5 Characteristics That Define a Great Rafting Guide

Interested in Everyone’s Well Being

Beyond just safely getting their group from point A to point B, a great rafting guide genuinely cares about everyone having a good time and truly enjoying the trip. Great guides understand the needs of their group and are willing to make adjustments to make everyone feel their best. A great guide will also contribute to the emotional stability of the group, as they can remain calm and positive, even in the most complicated situations.

Highly Empathetic and Patient

Although the rafting guide is the professional in this situation, the ability to relate to their guests’ needs and put themselves in their shoes, really makes a difference. Great rafting guides understand how challenging a rafting experience can be, and that some things will come easier for some people than others. They are patient, as they understand everyone will have their own process, making you feel comfortable, even if you’re completely out of your element.

Passion for Guiding

You can tell when someone is doing what they’re meant to be doing when you can see they do it with passion. The opportunity to be outdoors, enjoy nature and share it with others is the best part of a guides job, but it still has its challenges. However, you’ll always see a smile on the face of a great rafting guide, because, despite those challenges, they still love what they do, giving it all they have every time they go out there.


At Mile Hi Rafting, our guides have years of combined rafting experience. They not only make sure all our guests are safe, they also do their very best to ensure everyone has a blast. Come to Mile Hi Rafting in Colorado for a rafting experience you will remember for years to come.

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