How to Choose a River for Your Colorado Rafting Adventure

Want to go rafting? Summer —and even early Fall— is the best time for outdoor adventures and if rafting is on your list, Colorado is the place for this! Wondering why? The beautiful state of Colorado has the gift of having many amazing rivers that are perfect for rafting, but with so many options, how can you choose?

A convenient location is something that everybody looks for, and two of Colorado’s best and most visited rafting rivers —the Arkansas River and Clear Creek— just happen to be located near the most popular cities in the state: Denver and Colorado Springs. If you’re planning a trip near those cities —and even if you’re not— you definitely, need to check out those two amazing rivers and go on a whitewater rafting trip.

fun on the riverArkansas River

The Arkansas River provides rafting adventures that everyone can appreciate. From the most recreative and easy-going experiences to the most intense rafting trips. You can enjoy this majestic river from mid-March to mid-October. The river is not the only thing you can enjoy. The Arkansas River has some of the most amazing mountain views in the country. The area also offers many other recreation opportunities, like fishing, hiking, mountain biking, historic areas, and ghost towns.

Clear Creek

If you’re interested in staying closer to Denver, Clear Creek is a great option. It is located 30 miles west of Downtown Denver, and it is also the steepest rafted river in Colorado. Plus, it offers more rapids per mile. Clear Creek is a more technical rafting river, and it runs through the historic mining valley of Idaho Springs. This river also has something for everyone: trips for beginners, adventurous intermediate rafters, and of course, something for those who live for adrenaline. The river is open for rafting from mid-May through mid-August.


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