This monumental place is breathtakingly beautiful all year round but visiting in the off-season has a magic of its own.

Why Winter is a Great Time to Visit The Grand Canyon

Can you guess how many people visit the Grand Canyon every year? Over five million nature enthusiasts make it there year after year to witness one of the most incredible attractions that this world has to offer. The thing is, around 75% of them get there between April and October to take advantage of the warmer days of the year, but the Grand Canyon is such an amazing place, no one ever said it’s not incredibly gorgeous in the winter time, too.

If you enjoy winter and then you’ll absolutely love this place in the off-season. Here’s why you should pack up and get yourself to the Grand Canyon this winter:

Mile Hi UTV winter fun
Winter fun at Mile Hi

You Get to Enjoy A Quieter Vacation

So, yes. If 75% of people visit the Grand Canyon, only 25% will be around during the winter. It’s certainly a lot less busy around this time of year. Plus, the West Rim Drive is open for personal vehicles, unlike in the summer and the East Rim Drive is a lot less crowded so you can get easier access to many other viewpoints in the off-season.

Winter Wonderland’s Got Nothing on This Place

The very reason that might make people consider to pass up on the chance to visit the Grand Canyon in the winter is the same thing that takes its beauty to a whole new level: snow. All the rock formations covered in white are a sight you cannot miss.

You Can Take Advantage of Better Prices

During the summer hotel and flight rates tend to hit the roof,  but you’ll find cheaper prices during the winter.

Or… Stay In Colorado for Amazing Outdoor Adventures

Colorado is certainly blessed with incredible places you must visit. If you love the outdoors but driving far is not part of this season’s plans, come to Mile Hi Rafting. You’ll have a chance to enjoy a thrilling adventure on our ATV trips. Plan your next winter outing today!

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