ATVs and the Great Outdoors are great friends. Together, they’re bound to give you a super exciting outdoors adventure experience. You want to make sure you know how to ride this vehicle properly. Stay safe and learn to ride like a pro.

Riding ATVs Like a Pro

ATV riding techniquesBody English

Every heard of this before? It might sound silly, but Body English is a concept that refers to when you lean and shift your weight while you ride. This is actually pretty important to do in a consistent manner, because not doing so can result in the vehicle getting stuck or flipping over.

Make sure you’ve got both hands on the handlebars and two fingers on the clutch. Clutching is very important while on the harder portions of your ride.


Proper Posture

If your body is correctly positioned on the vehicle and your posture is right, this helps you operate the controls with more ease and react quicker as you shift body weight.

MileHi 3 ATVWatch Out For The Rocks

Rocks can be a hard obstacle to beat, no pun intended. Getting over them requires certain level of skill and technique. If you’re a beginner, avoid extremely rocky trails. If you’re going up a hill, the trick is to keep the speed the same and gradually increase throttle as needed. You’ll be at the top before you know it. Just remember to use Body English.

Take a Break When You Need To

All that riding can make you tired. It demands mental acuity and strength. If you start feeling fatigued, take a break. If you’re not tired but you’ve been riding all day, you could use a break, too. Hydrate and fuel up with some food.

Know Your Surroundings

Be aware of what’s around you. Always look ahead like you do when driving a car so you can see what’s coming. Be mindful of others that might be riding on the same trail as you. You can find a great location 30 miles west of Denver with Mile Hi Rafting. We offer Scenic Mountain ATV Tours, and you need no previous experience, as a guide will help you. Come ride with us!

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