Spring and summer time are the best seasons of the year to visit Colorado’s natural scenic areas. Outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain bike riding, fishing, ATV tours and camping are fascinating around this time, in Colorado.

People often use their summer to visit National Parks in order to get away for a while from their daily, exhausting routines. Even just by taking your car and driving to the country can fill your soul of freedom and serenity.

The Mount Evans Scenic Byway and Guenella Pass are among the most popular scenic byways in the US nonetheless, check the road’s condition, before packing your car with goodies for the road trip.

Even though springtime displays Denver at its greenest, its weather is the most capricious, which can make traveling tricky. For instance; Colorado Department of Transportations usually opens Mount Evan’s roads before Memorial Day, but this 2015 there’s been a delay.

According to the CDOT press release; “despite the best efforts of CDOT maintenance crews to have the road cleared to the top of Mount Evans (14,264 feet), an additional four feet of snow has fallen this month, often canceling out previous clearing operations that began on April 28”.

However, the Guenella Pass is opened as scheduled, so it’s an excellent alternative for cruising through a marvelous, scenic byway on your car, motorcycle or ATV.

Driving in the Rocky Mountains, USA

Highest paved road in North America

Mount Evans is the highest peak in a massif known historically as the Chicago Peaks. The peak is approximately 51 miles (82 km) by road, via Idaho Springs. It dominates the Denver Metropolitan Area skyline, rising over 9,000 feet above the area.

A day trip to the top is a journey that snakes and climbs from the high plains of Denver through five climate zones. Mountain Goats and Bighorn Sheep will greet you as you climb to the top.

The Mount Evans Scenic Byway consists of State Highway 103 from Idaho Springs, Colorado on I-70 about 13 miles to Echo Lake, and Colorado 5 from Echo Lake 15 miles, ending at a parking area and turnaround just below the summit.

Guanella Pass Scenic Byway passes within 4 miles west of Mount Evans, linking Georgetown and I-70 with Grant and US 285, 22 miles to the south. Both byways are amazing and beautiful.

ATV and UTV Tours

Cruise the Colorado Rocky Mountains on your own All Terrain Vehicle. At Mile Hi Rafting we navigate our way on historic mining trails, through the scenic Rocky Mountains, enjoying breathtaking vistas of the Continental Divide and Mt Evans. Our guides are qualified professionals that have first aid and CPR certification, a love of the outdoors, and are dedicated to making your ATV or UTV tour fun and a memorable time.

Contact Mile Hi Rafting and enjoy some of the most beautiful natural scenic areas in Colorado. Book now your breathtaking ATV, UTV trip adventure and have fun with your family.


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