Rafting Safety Tips

Like any other sport, rafting is best when done safely. Traveling on a raft down a river with water, banging into rocks and moving non-stop, comes with lots of risks. The last thing you want to do is to be thrown out of the raft and be face-to-face with turbulent waters without knowing what to do. For this reason, our experts in recreational sports have put together a list of the most critical rafting safety tips.

Choose A Licensed Rafting Outfitter

Even though you are out there to have fun, you are putting your life in the hands of another person. So, you would like to make sure that they follow the safety practices so you can make the most out of this amazing sport.

Pay Attention

Listen carefully to what the guide is saying. All the security tips will be provided before even putting on the safety equipment. Your guide will know exactly what can happen on which part of the river and according to the river difficulty, complexity, and strength measured by the known one to six scales.

rafting safety tips

Team Work

Rafting is considered an extreme sport. However, contrary to snowboarding or bungee jumping, it requires a great deal of teamwork. Understanding this point is crucial for the safety of every occupant in the raft. Implement all the instructions at the exact moment when you rafting guide shouts a command.

Wear Your Safety Equipment

At all times, you should wear your safety equipment. Even if the waters look calm, like any other thing with mother nature, a river is unpredictable. The most critical pieces are the life jacket and the helmet. Along with shoes with thick tread, they will keep you safe in case of an emergency. The jacket will keep you floating, while the helmet will protect your head against hits if you ever fall into the water.

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