Nothing can truly describe the feeling of a going on a first date, and planning it is even worse. Whatever you choose to do should say something about you, so if you love the outdoors, why not share that with your date?

Hiking Makes for a Great First Date

There are plenty of things you can choose to do outdoors, but hiking seems like the most appropriate one. Pick a nice place to hike such as Clear Creek in Colorado. You get to be out and active with your date, it will give you lots to talk about, and it could also end up being quite romantic if planned well. That’s not all!

It Sets You Apart

Going on an outdoor date is definitely different from your normal coffee shop or dinner-and-a-movie type of date. Almost everyone chooses to go that route, which means that every date is a lot like the others. Hiking on a first date will also bring an element of excitement to that first outing. There’s a lot to see and a lot to talk about.

It Will Give You More Freedom to Talk

Let’s be honest. When you’re at the movies with a perfect stranger for the first time, it can be awkward. There’s an awful lot of silence when there should be a lot of conversation instead. Going for a hike also lowers expectations. If your date is also into nature, they might feel more comfortable in that environment than getting all dressed up for a fancy dinner on that first night. It’s quite possible that this will allow both of you to feel free to be yourselves.

Outdoors First DateConversation Will Unfold Naturally

Since you’ll be enjoying nature, walking next to each other rather than facing each other, there will be less pressure to make (or avoid) eye contact, or even to find topics to talk about. The conversation will flow a lot more organically that way.

You Can Give It a More Romantic Spin

Bringing along a picnic could bring the date to a different level. If things are going well, set up in a nice spot and enjoy some food and more bonding time. If it’s not going so great, you can skip this part and eat your food back home as consolation.

Now that you know your date is into it and you both enjoyed each other’s company outdoors, how about a rafting or ATV tour for date number two?

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