Keeping your camping gear in check and ready to go for your next trip doesn’t have to be complicated.

Steps to Successfully Store Your Camping Equipment

Don’t worry. You’re not the only one who’s gone looking for their camping equipment and found a mess from the last time you used it. If you want to keep your gear properly organized and clean, all you need to do is follow these easy steps:

Get Rid of the Dirt Before Storing

You should never store things if they’re dirty. Take time to clean everything up —backpacks, boots, tent, sleeping bag, everything— and wash the equipment if necessary. Not only will you find it in better conditions next time, but it will prolong the lifespan of your gear.

Storing your camping gear

Give Everything Time to Dry

Just because you have washed and cleaned things, it doesn’t mean you need to put them away immediately. If you store your camping equipment while it’s still wet, be ready to find mold and mildew growing on your stuff the next time you take them out. Set everything out in the sun and allow things to dry fully.

Take Out the Batteries

If you’ve ever stored electronic devices with the batteries in and forgot about them for a couple of months, you know how battery fluid can damage equipment. Save yourself a headache and regret, and take the batteries out before storing any electronics.

Put the Trash in the Trash Can

We you’re back from a camping trip, you will most likely have food residues hidden in different places. Make sure you check every pocket and camping supply to clean food residues before storing. Forgetting to remove food will attract pests to your equipment, which may damage it. Plus, you won’t want a rotten piece of fruit to be waiting for you next time you use it.

Storage Containers and Labels: A Winning Combo

The most convenient way to store your camping gear is using storage containers. Using labels to categorize things will make your life so much easier so that when you’re preparing for your next camping trip, you’ll know exactly where to find everything.

Now that you’re set up with how to store your camping gear, how about if we start planning your next camping adventure? Come discover the beauty of Colorado with Mile Hi Rafting.

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