Long winters are tough for everyone. Some make the most of it by enjoying winter activities or sports while many wait for the weather to at least warm up a little bit before deciding to step out of their home’s coziness.

For those of us who just can’t stand waiting any longer to get outdoors now that spring is just around the corner, the idea of enjoying the outdoors on a camping trip is more inviting with every second. However, it is still cold out there, especially at night. Therefore, today we would like to share some useful tips on how to build and put out a campfire.

Tips to build a Camp fireStarting At The End

Before learning how to successfully build a nice, strong, roaring fire, you need to know how to put it out. It is your job and responsibility to properly maintain and extinguish your campfire so no hazards may occur after.

First of all never leave a campfire unattended. Even if you think it is already out, the smallest breeze could cause the fire to spread quickly. If it is too hot to touch, then it is too hot to leave. Therefore, before going to sleep or leaving your camping site, you should:

  • Allow the wood to burn completely to ash, if possible.
  • Pour lots of water on the fire. Make sure all embers, coals, and sticks are wet. Drown all of them, not just the red ones.
  • Move rocks, as there may be burning embers underneath. You can use a shovel to stir the campfire ashes and embers.
  • Pour water until hissing sound stops. Stir the remains, add more water, and stir again. Scrape the sticks and logs to remove any embers. Stir and make sure everything is wet and they are cold to the touch.
  • If you do not have water, use dirt. Do not bury your coals as they can smolder and break out. Mix enough dirt or sand with the embers. Continue adding and stirring until all material is cool.
  • Remember: DO NOT bury the fire as the fire will continue to smolder and could catch roots on fire that will eventually get to the surface and start a wildfire.

Campfire tips for your camping adventures this SpringTake Advantage Of Spring

Camping in Colorado is amazing all year round. However, spring has a particularly interesting nuance. It is cold, but not so cold that you avoid enjoying nice hikes or outdoor activities. At Mile Hi Rafting, you can choose any of our adventures such as  thrilling ATV tours and add camping. This way you can enjoy a fun day and relax in the evening, cuddling around a nice campfire and toasting delicious marshmallows.

Don’t think twice, get up from that couch and enjoy Colorado’s wilderness with your friends and family. Remember to follow us on our next post, to learn more handy tips on how to build a roaring campfire.

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