If there’s one thing that’s worse than being cold, it’s being cold AND wet. If you’re planning your next river trip, here’s what you need to know about staying warm.

Keep warm On Your Next River Trip

Choose the Right Fabric

There are many fabrics out there that promise to do great things whenever you’re cold, but currently, these are the most recommended ones: Neoprene and Polypropylene (also known as “polypro”). Get to know them.


This one starts working as soon as the fabric becomes wet. This happens because water gets absorbed into super small cells in the fabric that eventually warm up because of your own body heat. No wonder people like it a lot.


This helps retain body heat. It’s been made intro shirts, socks, underpants, and others.


Although it might not be part of the Top 2, fleece is also great. It’s called the “modern wool” and it’s made from plastic.

Stay warm while raftingHow About a Splash Jacket?

Wear one on your next whitewater rafting trip. You won’t be disappointed. It can serve as a windbreaker, or even help in decreasing the cold shock from the waves hitting your body.

Cover Your Head

Studies show that we lose up to fifty percent of our body heat from our heads. Covering your noggin is of the utmost importance.

You need to wear a helmet on a Class IV river, and that can help you stay warm, but even so, it’s best that you wear a fleece or polypro head skullcap.

No Cotton on a River

We mentioned this briefly when we talked about what to pack for a whitewater rafting trip. Cotton is a definite no. It absorbs your body heat, so unless it’s super hot outside, skip the cotton shirts.

Hydrate Regularly

Believe it or not, your body’s ability to stay warm is impacted by how well hydrated you are, so make sure you drink plenty of water on these trips.

Whitewater Rafting in ColoradoWhitewater Rafting in Colorado

Give these tips a try and book your next whitewater rafting trip at Mile Hi. We have amazing packages for you, and we can help you arrange any combination of options to create your own experience. Let’s talk! We will work with you to create your dream adventure.

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