February is known for its winter storms. If you ever get caught in one while you’re outdoors, these tips can help you make it through this tough situation.

How to Make It Through a Night in a Snowstorm

Anyone who loves the outdoors and appreciates the beauty of the winter time, takes advantage of this season to go on the most exciting camping trips of the year. However, there’s a risk during winter time that you don’t get in any other season and that is snowstorms.

Getting caught in a snowstorm is no joke, but by being prepared and becoming familiar with winter outdoor survival, you can learn to fend for yourself and increase your chances of making it through safely. These tips are simple but can make a big difference in a survival situation:

Communicate Your Plans

Before you even plan on leaving, make sure you let someone know when you’re going and share your itinerary. If you’re traveling with a group, leave behind contact information.

Always Take Essential Items with You

Whether you’re going on a hike or a camping trip, make sure you’re packing essential items, especially if you’re planning on going on an overnight trip. You’ll need things like matches, extra clothing, blankets, a first aid kit, flashlight, food, and hydration.

How to Make It Through a Night in a Snowstorm
Never leave home without notice.

Build Or Find a Place to Shield Yourself from Weather Conditions

If you identify a place that could serve as shelter for you to spend the night, don’t hesitate to use it. Otherwise, try to build one. Shielding yourself from the cold could be the determining factor for you to remain safe.

Do What You Can to Stay Warm

Another very important thing is to avoid hypothermia and frostbite at all cost. This starts with you having appropriate clothing to keep you warm. Building a fire and doing your best to stay hydrated and dry is also important.


The outdoors are meant to be enjoyed yet it is essential to know how to handle difficult situations, in case you ever have to face one, like getting caught in a winter storm. So, if you come to Colorado and realize a snowstorm is coming your way, consider these tips before leaving the house and increase your chances of getting back home without a scratch, and with a bag full of incredible outdoor experiences.

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