Summer is winding down, but August invites to take advantage of the last days of Colorado’s rafting season, as water conditions still promise excellent rafting adventures.

Arkansas River Forecast

According to The Arkansas River Outfitters Association, there is still time to experience some of the best late season whitewater rafting that’s been seen in years.

This statement is really exciting for all whitewater rafting lovers and enthusiasts, especially when we take into consideration that, to date, no water from the Voluntary Flow Management Program has been released.

However, according to Bob Hamel, member of the AROA; the Board of Water Works, Pueblo Colorado started to move approximately 6,000 acre feet of water from Twin and Clear Creek Reservoirs to Lake Pueblo on August 3. This means that water movement on the Arkansas River will continue until later this fall.

Voluntary Flow Management Program

For the past 21 years, the Voluntary Flow Management Program (VFMP) has supplemented the summer river flow on the Arkansas River. The flow program’s summer component helps keep the Arkansas River flowing at 700 cubic feet per second.

The VFMP’s annual summertime operation benefits rafting companies and private boaters, and supports the many communities and municipalities that benefit from a tourism-based economy.

Last Summer Days

As the transition from summer to fall goes on, keep in mind that the morning tends to be a little cooler and rafting in the morning may help avoid the afternoon showers and clouds.

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