There are so many great moments that happen when you’re out camping with your family and so many ways to capture them, but we don’t always take advantage of that. Documenting your memories will allow you to relive them in a more tangible way.

How to Document Your Camping Memories

It’s great to live in the moment, but it’s even better if you can capture it. Today, it seems like everyone’s got their nose up a cell phone screen trying to snap and share every event in their lives, regardless of how relevant (or not) it may be. This is not the kind of “documenting the moment” approach we’re suggesting. There are plenty of other ways in which you can capture those beautiful moments.

Documenting Camping MomentsKeep It Classic and Take Photographs

Let’s start with the basics. You can take your big, pro camera with you on a camping trip, but for the outdoors, it’s not always the most convenient item to bring along. This is a time when using your cellphone is actually a better idea. There’s always something magical about photographs, so take advantage of that and capture each moment.

Put Together a Family Scrapbook

This can become a family activity once you’re back home. Take some time a few nights a week to talk about your favorite memories. Collect items from your trip and use them in your journal or scrapbook as you bring up related stories. You can even use the pictures you took and put them in your album, too.

Start Videoing

Videos are a great way to condense lots of memories into one quick clip. There’s a variety of apps you can use to add music, filters, and tons of other things to make your videos fun.

Bonding with Kids While CampingOld School Nature Boxes Never Go Out of Style

Make treasure boxes with your kids like in the good ol’ days. Collect different items from your camping trip. Once you get home, you and your kids can grab a box and decorate it with some of them items you collected, and then put the rest inside. Keep the box safely stored at home so you can go back to it whenever you want and remember.

Whether you go camping a lot or not, this type of outdoor activity is bound to generate amazing memories you’ll surely want to keep. Put these ideas to the test and document your memories for the future.

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