Winter is here and there is no better time to review your arsenal of survival skills than right now.

A Quick Guide to Help Keep You Safe in the Winter

Winter is a lovely time of the year but if you embark on an outdoor trip unprepared, you could put yourself in a pretty tough spot. Every survival situation is hard but winter adds a different element with the risk of hypothermia.

If you ever find yourself trying to survive in cold weather, these tips could help you get through it:

Pack Right

Survival starts before you even leave the house. Being prepared never hurt anyone. When you’re getting ready to go immerse yourself in the great outdoors during winter, make sure you bring along the right clothes. Cotton is the enemy when you think of winter outdoor gear. It soaks up any moisture losing all of its insulating value in a matter of seconds. Go for wool or synthetic fabrics, which can keep you warm and dry when layered properly.

Start a Fire

Starting a fire from scratch is a great skill to have, however, when trying to survive in the winter, it might not be the best option nor the quickest. Use whatever you have handy to help you start a fire in a more efficient manner, like gasoline or a road flare.

Essential tips for camping in the WinterBuild Yourself a Shelter

Take advantage of snow and learn how to build a snow cave, an igloo or any other type of snow-based shelter, or just build anything you can to keep the wind off and keep your body temperature steady.

Keep Yourself Dry

Any kind of moisture is far from being your best ally in this condition. Take things easy and avoid working up a sweat as it will make your temperature drop. Do what you can to keep yourself dry, whether from sweat, snow, water or anything else.

Stay Hydrated

The fact that it is cold outside doesn’t mean that it’s ok to neglect hydration. It’s even more important in the winter time as you might not feel it as much as you would in the summertime.

Distribute Food Smartly

If you have any food with you, break it up into portions to make it last as much as possible and in such a way that you can eat something at least every couple of hours. It’s not a bad idea to learn cold weather hunting skills. Most of the survival food sources would come from animals as there’s not much vegetation left in the winter.


Colorado is a wonderful place year-round but especially during the winter time. Take advantage of it and dare to go out and explore the outdoors. Just make sure you have a good set of skills before you do so. Give us a call at Mile Hi Rafting and we’ll help you plan your next Colorado adventure.

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