Like you probably read on papers or one of our recent posts, a couple of incidents involving wild bears in residential areas, have disturbed the daily life routine of Colorado citizens. One incident ended up with the death of a 400 pound bear at Colorado Springs.

The other incident had a better ending when the Colorado Parks and Wildlife department captured a 2-year-old bear in the campus of the University of Colorado Boulder. The bear was later released in the mountains.

At Mile Hi Rafting we are pretty aware that at any moment you can find yourself face to face with a wild animal, specially when performing outdoor activities. In our recent post, we shared some basic and general tips on how to react when meeting a wild animal.

Today, we would like to go a little deeper on the subject and share specific tips on how to react when facing some of the most common wild animals in Colorado. It is important to know how animals could react under certain circumstances because, every animal is different and their reactions as well.

Grizzly bear
Grizzly bear

Avoid Wild Animal Attacks

Wild animals are unpredictable. Last Sunday July 20th, pro surfer Mick Flanning found out all about it, after he was able to escape a shark attack, while participating in the opening minutes of the final round of the South Africa’s J-Bay Open Surf Championship.

It’s certain that a shark attack is the least of your worries when enjoying Colorado’s wilderness, but there are other wild animals that could give you a pretty hard time if you don’t react correctly.


Bears usually have two reactions. The classic bluff attack which is meant to scare you away, but may also kill you due to the size and strength of most bears. You can often survive by curling up on the ground and holding your hands around the back of your neck (to protect it).

The other type of bear attack is predatory. These are rare, but both black bears and grizzlies occasionally prey on humans for food. Such attacks are quieter.

However, bears usually attack when you surprise or threaten it – or its cubs. If you ever meet a wild bear, avoid eye contact and back away slowly. If the bear has its head down and come straight at you, watching you closely, it might be assessing whether you are an easy meal or not. In this case, don’t play dead or you will be. Yell, make noise, and look for a weapon. In a worst-case scenario, you might have to fight for your life.


It is pretty rare for a snake to attack humans unless it feels threaten. Snakes usually are just warning you, so step away slowly. It is very unlikely that a snake will chase you. Avoid the problem to begin with by watching the trail carefully and probing with a walking stick before stepping over logs.


Believe it or not, moose attacks are more frequent than bears and can be just as dangerous. Their mating season is in the fall and it is when it is more probable to suffer an attack.

Be especially watchful during fall and winter, if you meet a moose and its ears fold back, or the hair on its neck stands up, it means that it is upset and may attack you. It might also clench its teeth as a sign of warning.

MileHi ATV in fallIf it charges against you, go behind something big, like a boulder or tree. If possible, run and get into a stand of trees, but be sure they are not too bushy – you need room to maneuver, in case the moose continues the chase. The good news is that most moose attacks are “bluff attacks,” which end shortly after they begin.

Share the Wilderness

We all share planet Earth with “billions” of living creatures, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t share and enjoy the wilderness.

Colorado is beautiful and there is no better way to enjoy its natural sites, than with Mile Hi Rafting experts. Our guides are qualified professionals that have first aid and CPR certification, a love of the outdoors, and are dedicated to make your adventure tour a fun and a memorable time.

Come hiking with us and enjoy the untamed Rocky Mountains. Camp at night surround by nature’s thick darkness, count falling stars and enjoy all the nocturnal animals’ noises. Discover and tame astonishing trails on top of your personal ATV and battle against Clear Creek and Arkansas River rapids.

Taste Colorado’s wilderness in a safe and comfortable way with Mile Hi Rafting. Contact us, book your adventure today and live to tell the story!

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