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Best places to ice fish in Colorado

December is the official month of the year to go ice fishing! The season extends until late February. It’s important to always take into consideration the ice conditions, temperatures, lake levels, and remember to ask the locals for the best … Read More

Selecting the Correct Angling Bait

As previous posts, today we would like to continue helping all of those Colorado anglers and enthusiasts to become the best angler they can be, and get some recognition for it. Hoping that your angling skills will improve, we shared … Read More

Believe You Are The Best Angler in Colorado? Prove It!

How many times have you heard a neighbor, classmate or colleague, bragging of the amazing fish he or she caught over the weekend? Or maybe you are the one, always showing off, and boasting about what a great angler you … Read More

Angling Trophy Fish in Colorado

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It’s Fishing Time!

Great news for all anglers and fishing enthusiasts all over Colorado, due to impending work by the town to remove lake sediment at Green Mountain Falls Lake, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife has announced an emergency fish salvage. According to … Read More

Did you know your Dad would love to go fishing in Clear Creek River?

Gone Fishing for Father’s Day! That’s right! So, prepare your bait, contact Mile Hi Rafting and join us in the best fishing trip in Colorado. Choose the perfect spot, throw your line in the beautiful Clear Creek River and catch … Read More