Are Those Animal Tracks? Here’s How You Can Tell

It’s not uncommon to come across animal tracks when you’re hiking, camping or just spending time in the great outdoors. However, more than just looking at them, you should be able to recognize them so you can get a better … Read More

Energy-Efficient Backpacking

This wonderful type of exercise has many benefits, yet it can be really tough on your body and it can be hard to keep the same energy level throughout the entire trip. Efficiently managing your energy during a backpacking trip is … Read More

Getting Dressed for Winter Hiking

  Clothing Layers Your first cloth layer’s job is to wick sweat away from your skin, then dry quickly so you don’t get chilled. For this purpose, next to your skin try to wear long sleeve underwear made of wool … Read More

Facing Wild Animals

  At Mile Hi Rafting we love the wilderness, and we are always trying to protect our visitors as well as the wildlife. Therefore, we would like to share some basic tips of how to react when facing a wild … Read More

Lost in the woods!

Summer is indeed the best time for outdoor activities in Colorado. Whitewater rafting, hiking, camping, ATV tours, any leisure activity combined with perfect weather and the magnificent wilderness is the best recipe to heal your soul. A couple of weeks … Read More

Are Running Shoes Advisable for Hiking?

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Hiking Shoes? Make the Right Choice.

Choosing a hiking shoe or boot is no joke. With the huge, wide range of varieties and options, it is pretty easy to make a mistake. A “painful and expensive mistake”. When hiking, wearing the incorrect kind of shoe or … Read More

Prepare Yourself Before Enjoying the Wilderness

I love the spring-summer transition. Colorado’s wilderness displays all its magnificence. It is one of my favorite times of the year. Maybe you and your friends or family are planning to make the most of these wonderful days and go … Read More

Survive to Tell the Story!

Like you probably read on papers or one of our recent posts, a couple of incidents involving wild bears in residential areas, have disturbed the daily life routine of Colorado citizens. One incident ended up with the death of a … Read More