Ice fishing in Colorado

Best places to ice fish in Colorado

December is the official month of the year to go ice fishing! The season extends until late February. It’s important to always take into consideration the ice conditions, temperatures, lake levels, and remember to ask the locals for the best … Read More

Basic Gear for a Safe Ice Fishing

Picking up where we left off on the topic of ice fishing precautions. Today, we would like to add more important information on safety. We already went over the principles of how to choose your fishing spot by the thickness of the ice. Now, to … Read More

Ice Fishing Safety Precautions

As soon as temperatures drop and water begins to freeze, a lot of anglers are looking for the opportunity to drill a hole and try to catch some fish. Ice fishing is an exciting and fun activity, but it can … Read More

Winter outdoor activities: Ice fishing part 2

Considered one the best seasons of the year for many, winter is loved for its weather. This is because winter weather brings in snow and ice, and with these many winter sports can be practiced. A favorite one is ice … Read More