National Parks

U.S. Government Motivates Citizens to be More in Touch with the Wilderness

Societies are part of the environment as any other particular group of species of plants or animals. Therefore, the connection between environmental health and ours is firmly attached. We need to take care of the planet and all of its … Read More

Keep Track of Wildlife With Your Smartphone

National parks provide all sorts of benefits for the planet’s health. They are our biggest treasure and most valuable the source of natural resources, vital for Earth’s survival. To prevent the planet from getting sick, it is essential to learn about … Read More

Halloween Spooky Camping

The devils and the witches are beginning to show their creepy faces. Scary pumpkins and skulls are receiving people at the doorways. Ghouls and creatures will soon be knocking on our doors in search for goodies and sweets and you … Read More

Honor and Protect Bats this Halloween

Halloween is almost here. We can notice how shops and homes are setting up to celebrate the spooky holiday. I really enjoy how people make the best of their creative side, building all kinds of costumes and frightening decorations. Chocolate … Read More

New Americans Welcomed on a Green Carpet

Becoming a U.S. citizen could be the highest milestone for an immigrant living in the United States of America. Every year hundreds of thousands of residents, apply for naturalization in hopes to become an official citizen. Try to imagine how … Read More