unhealthy environment

Back to school and already sick…

I hate it when my vacation is over. Not because I dislike my job nor school, in fact, I love what I do and I love to learn things, but it is the transition that bothers me. Just a few … Read More

Stress Detoxification

Rush hour, long working periods, hours and hours sitting in front of the computer, TV or the driver’s seat. Junk food, eating disorders and much more, drown us in a toxic environment. Lack of time in the natural world, largely … Read More

Escape From Pollution

The increase of population, dense traffic, wildfires, and industrial “progress” has degraded Colorado’s air quality and it is about to reach unhealthy levels! This situation was exposed last Wednesday July 29th, by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment … Read More

Harmful Air Quality in the Rocky Mountains

Last Wednesday August 6, environmental disaster at Animas River raised everyone’s alarms on how bad are we taking care of our natural resources? Even though, toxic spills and environmental disaster of such proportions thankfully don’t occur often, our planet is … Read More

Animas River will Remain

The saddest news hit us last Wednesday after contractors working for an Environmental Protection Agency clean up team, spilled 3 million gallons of toxic mining waste into the Animas River in Colorado, from a gold mine that has been inactive … Read More