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Stress Detoxification

Rush hour, long working periods, hours and hours sitting in front of the computer, TV or the driver’s seat. Junk food, eating disorders and much more, drown us in a toxic environment. Lack of time in the natural world, largely … Read More

Escape From Pollution

The increase of population, dense traffic, wildfires, and industrial “progress” has degraded Colorado’s air quality and it is about to reach unhealthy levels! This situation was exposed last Wednesday July 29th, by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment … Read More

Enjoy Summer in Colorado Like Never Before!

Colorado has plenty of great options to enjoy the summer. It’s astonishing natural sites, great weather and a beautiful capital, attract Americans from all over the country as well as international tourists from all over the globe. With at least … Read More

Summer Sun Overexposure

It’s amazing how good the sun makes us feel. It is not only that it gets us in a good mood, it is good and vital for our health as well. We all need some exposure to it. The sun … Read More

Don’t Let Poison Ivy Ruin your Summer

I can’t remember how many times as a kid I got some sort of rash on my arms or legs because I was always running, playing in the outdoors, climbing trees and messing around. Most of the time I couldn’t … Read More

A Breathtaking Father’s Day Gift!

Break all the rules! Embrace the unexpected… Free your mind and surprise your Dad with a unique, creative, breathtaking, Father’s Day present. Every year, is the same struggle. It never comes easy figuring out a perfect gift for the pillar … Read More

Roadtrip to Colorado’s Scenic Byways

Spring and summer time are the best seasons of the year to visit Colorado’s natural scenic areas. Outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain bike riding, fishing, ATV tours and camping are fascinating around this time, in Colorado. People often use … Read More

4th of July’s Mile Hi Surprise!

Summer vacation brings to Colorado families from all over the US and the world willing to enjoy the State’s beautiful cities and wilderness. Schools are out, summer is getting hotter and the holidays getting closer and at Mile Hi Rafting, … Read More