The best way to take your favorite sidekick on a hike is without the leash. For his safety and your peace of mind, follow these tips and make sure you go on a stress-free adventure.

Hit the Trails and Leave the Leash Behind

If your best fur bud enjoys the outdoors as much as you do, being able to run free on the trail will make his trip much more enjoyable. As any sensible dog owner, you want him to be happy, no? Of course, you do. But before you consider letting him on the loose, take some time to go over a few pointers that will guarantee a great hike without the leash.

Evaluate Your Dog Skills

The first thing you want to think about when hiking with a dog is: is he ready for this? A socialized dog will be well behaved when let off the leash. Make sure your dog is OK around people; meaning, a dog that won’t be barking at everyone and everything that approaches or that becomes anxious or aggressive around strangers. Also, assess his obedience skills. He should respond to your voice and follow directions correctly; otherwise, he’s not ready to be leash-free.

Hiking with a dogDetermine the Best Place and Time

If you’re visiting a protected area, make sure you understand their rules. Not everyone will allow dogs to go untethered. Take a moment to study the area where you’ll be, so you are aware of any potential danger to your dog.

Prepare Yourself and Your Buddy for Your Next Adventure

Train for a hike with your dog. You should both be in shape to take on the trails. Even if you do decide to take him off the leash, take it with you and keep it handy just in case. You never know when you’ll need it. Watch out for any wild, poisonous items and avoid your dog from eating it.

Leave No Trace

Make sure you clean up after your dog and leave nature intact. Bring plastic bags along and just make sure your next fellow hiker doesn’t come across a surprise from your dog.

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Hit the Colorado Trails this Fall

Mile Hi Rafting has great outdoor activity options for you this season. Take advantage of the beauty of the Colorado outdoors and bring your best companion with you. Want more information? Let’s talk!

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