If you’re looking for an authentic camping experience to share with your outdoorsy family, primitive camping is an excellent choice for you.

Primitive Camping: A Family Adventure

Primitive camping allows you to experience the realness of the outdoors. For the lovers of the wilderness, this is an amazing adventure. So, pack your bags and go primitive camping with your family. Your kids will love it.

What is Primitive Camping?

Camping in a remote location without the amenities of a campground, where you’d have to provide yourself with everything you need is what is we know as primitive camping. It can sound a little extreme, but it is a fabulous opportunity to experience a true sense nature in all its glory. You can choose to approach this adventure as backpackers and immerse yourself in the great outdoors or locate a campsite that offers designated areas for primitive camping.

Go primitive camping with your family
Turn your camping trip into a wonderful family adventure

The Perks of Primitive Camping

Whether you need more motivation to convince yourself you should make this trip happen, or you just want to know, in advance, what you’re getting into, these are some of the reasons why primitive camping makes a great family activity:

  1. You can give your kids the freedom to just be kids, to go out, play, get dirty and be as noisy as they want to be, and move around as much as they need to because there will, most likely, not be anyone else around.
  2. Being surrounded by less people than at a regular campground means you get to really enjoy the peace and quiet of the outdoors.
  3. It’s a great option when you’re looking for a vacation on a budget, as there is likely no cost associated with renting the space for primitive camping.

Amazing Places to Camp in Colorado

Colorado is a state that is blessed with great nature and beautiful outdoors. There are several dispersed camping spots in Colorado, and also wonderful campsites for those who like to keep things traditional. At Mile High, you can add camping to any of our trips or tours. We are just 30 miles West of Denver. Give us a call today and come to Colorado to enjoy the best of nature!

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