As a hiker, your most important piece of equipment is, most likely, your hiking boots. Not only do they protect your feet but they also help you get through the toughest of terrains. Cleaning them properly is the way to make them last longer and repay them for all they do for you.

Clean Your Hiking Boots The Right Way

Every craft needs its gear, and while hikers use a wide variety of items to help them trek on, hiking boots are, quite possibly, the most important ones. Keeping them dirt free is not only going to up their aesthetic appeal, it will extend their life and keep you trekking safely for longer. Here are some tips to keep your hiking boots in tip-top condition:

Hiking bootsGet Them Waterproofed

The best thing you can do for your hiking boots is to apply a waterproofing treatment to fabric and leather boots. If you can, do this before you leave the house with them for the first time, and if your boots are already labeled as waterproof by the manufacturer, then skip this step and just head out on your adventure.

Remove All the Dirt Before Storing Them

Never, ever put them away if they are dirty. Mud and water will break down the material over time. If they aren’t too dirty, you can go ahead and wipe them down with a damp fabric cloth or a soft bristle, and if they’re next-level dirty your best bet is to quickly rinse them off in water so that all the dirt and large mud build-ups can be removed. If your boots are made of leather, go for the first option unless it is truly necessary to rinse them.

Treat Stains Right Away

With a few drops of liquid dish soap and a damp cloth, you can treat stains on your boots. You should address them as soon as possible to avoid stains sinking into the fibers of the material because if they do, getting them out will be much harder, if not impossible.

Hiking in ColoradoGive Them Time to Air Dry

Both moisture and heat affect your hiking boots. Meaning that you can’t store them wet or shouldn’t. But also you shouldn’t dry them in the sun or with a heat of any sort, especially if they’re leather boots because they’ll crack. The best way to dry them is just to leave them out to air dry. It might take a little longer than you expect but it will keep your boots protected.

Prepare Your Boots for a Hike in Colorado

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