Summer break is one of the things that children look forward to the most. The way they spend their summer can make an impact on their development.

How Kids Benefit from Being Outside During the Summer?

When summer is close, parents know they need a plan to ensure their kids can enjoy their well-deserved time off from school. This is the perfect season for outdoor adventures. Surely, you had your fair share of adventures when you were a kid, and those are now memories you hold dear to your heart.

This generation has become deeply rooted in being constantly attached to electronic devices from a very young age, and most of the time, this robs children —and adults, too— from the benefits of being outdoors. Here are some of the most important reasons why children need to spend summer outside:

Boost Immune System

The body produces Vitamin D when exposed to natural sunlight. Vitamin D plays an important role in bone and muscle development, which is particularly important in children’s developmental stages. Of course, make sure their skin is protected from UV rays by using sunscreen.

Improve Physical Health

Playing outdoors makes children more active, which helps decrease their risk of childhood obesity. Additionally, a study showed that spending 45 minutes playing outdoors can decrease a child’s risk for shortsightedness.

How Kids Benefits from Being Outside During the Summer

Balance Psychological State

Exposing children to nature can repair mental fatigue, help improve their ability to regulate their emotions, decrease anger and symptoms of depression while increasing their autonomy and respect for others and themselves.

Heighten Cognitive Skills

Spending time outdoors is also highly beneficial to a child’s brains. The benefits include improved memory and concentration, enhanced reasoning skills and improvements in ADHD symptoms. When children play outdoors they are faced with challenges, opportunities to be creative and to take risks, all of which can have a positive impact on their brain development.


Motivating children to spend time outdoors can certainly bring great benefits to their overall health. This summer, plan to take your kids on outdoor adventures, from playing in the park, walking the dog, and spending time in the garden, to enrolling in a sports team or trying more extreme adventures with the whole family. Mile Hi Rafting can help you plan a unique adventure that your whole family can enjoy.

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