Let Mile Hi Introduce You To Colorado’s 7 Wonders!

Mile Hi Rafting Company loves adventure and mountains.  With our ATV and UTV tours in the front range along Clear Creek County and white water rafting tours, we live for adventure!  In this series of posts, we are going to cover the top 7 unbeatable mountain sightseeing treasures in Colorado.  Discover the most unique and gorgeous scenery in the state!

OutdoorsGlenwood Hot Springs

Colorado abounds with natural wonders.  One just needs to do a little exploring to find it.  There are several hot springs in Colorado.  Hot springs are natural pools of water naturally heated from underground.  Glenwood Springs is one location in Colorado offering true, natural hot springs and the world’s largest Hot Springs Pool!  The mineral rich water of Glenwood has been attracting visitors for over 125 years.  The Ute Indians were known to have soaked in these healing waters, and shortly after in the Victorian age, the rich and privileged traveled from around the world to take a dip in these hot waters.

Mineral Waters

In addition to the world’s largest hot springs pool which is the length of a football field, the waters are rich in minerals and nutrients!  People come from all over the world, some to immerse in the healing mineral waters, others come to vacation and soak in the sun and water for a few days.  The water temperature stays consistent at about 90-93 degrees Fahrenheit, year round.  The therapy pool stays at 102 to 104 degrees and contains bubble chairs and submerged marble benches.  Kids will enjoy the two water slides and kiddie pool, open in summer.

Vapor Caves

One of the most unusual attractions, the vapor caves, would certainly fall into the unique category.  These underground caverns emit a mineral rich steam from the Yampah spring containing 34 minerals and trace elements.  The Yampah spring is the same underground water source feeding the Hot Springs Pool.  This untreated hot water is particularly high in sulfate, nitrate, zinc and potassium and seeps into three subterranean chambers, filling them with hot steam.  To reach the caverns, you descend a set of stairs underground.  The caves are dimly lit, adding to the relaxing ambiance and are lined with marble benches against the wall, allowing visitors to inhale and absorb the healing vapors.  Temperatures underground range from 110- 112 degrees Fahrenheit.

Combine Your Trip To Glenwood with a White Water Rafting Tour for an Ultimate Adventure!

white water rafting trip

On your way to Glenwood Springs, book your tour for a white water rafting expedition to experience two extreme water activities in one weekend!  It’s the perfect adventure package!  Mile Hi offers professionally guided white water rafting and ATV tours.  We provide all the gear- wet suits, splash jackets, PFD, helmets and ATV’s.  We have trips for any ability and adventure level!  Our pricing and location make it ideal for day trips and vacations.  Kids are always welcome on any of our trips!  We pride ourselves in being flexible and will help you arrange any combination of options to create your own experience.  Call us today to create your epic adventure!

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