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If you’ve been thinking about going whitewater rafting, the time is now! Why? Well, now that the cold months are behind us and the snow has melted, the runoff causes the water levels to rise. The amount of snow in the high country usually dictates how much water flow we’ll have. If you’re traveling with minors, depending on the water flow, a minimum age might be recommended, however, parents have the last word.

Rafting season is from April to September, but from mid-May to late-June is when things get really exciting, especially on the Arkansas River. This is when we get high water, meaning that there will be big waves, swift current, and large hydraulics. Three characteristics that will make your rafting experience that much more fun. It’s not just about the river, it’s about the magnificent natural landscapes that surround them, and you can be sure there is never-ending natural beauty all around.

Whether you’re a beginner whitewater rafter or an experienced one, if you’re addicted to adrenaline, you’re going to love a good whitewater rafting trip this season.

Take Advantage of the Best Whitewater Rafting Packages in Colorado

At Mile Hi Rafting, you will find a great variety of whitewater rafting packages in Clear Creek and the Arkansas River. We are proud to offer our customers flexibility and the ability to arrange different combinations of options to help you create a customized experience that you will enjoy. These are some of our amazing whitewater trips:

The Best Time to Go Whitewater Rafting in Colorado
Summer is a great time for whitewater rafting!

Sure Shot

This is a great one for beginners. You will be able to experience Class II rapids in the beautiful Clear Creek River, and then test your skills on the Class III rapids of Castle Falls and Argo Holes.

Blast: Intermediate Half-Day

On the Blast, you’ll find five solid class IV rapids and more Class III whitewater than we mention. This is one trip that will have you coming back for more.

Kamikaze: Advanced Half-Day

This was called “the best darn whitewater around!” by one of our former guests. As soon as you brave through the rapids on this amazing tour, you will understand why. If you’re ready to go all out on your next adventure, this might be the trip for you.


Are you ready for a real adventure? Let’s start planning it today!

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