Tips to Help You Be a Great Hike Leader

Hiking is one of the things that outdoor lovers really enjoy. But leading a hike goes beyond that. It gives you the opportunity to share with others one of the things you love the most. A great hike leader plans ahead and takes necessary precautions and considerations to make sure the hike is a total success.

Choose a Nice Location

Before choosing a location for your hike, consider the abilities and experience of your fellow hikers. Make sure you choose a trail that suits their level of expertise.

Check on the Weather Before Setting a Date

Take time to review the weather forecast before you set a date. If there are any abnormal weather conditions expected around the time you plan to hike, it’s best to postpone until the weather clears out.

Pack Everything You Need

Bring all your hiking essentials along. Plan ahead and pack what you need the night before. Even if the hike is short, last minute packing always results is forgetting important things. Also, be sure to pack a first aid kit, too.

Be the First to Show Up

To ensure everyone’s in the correct spot and you’re not missing any hikers, get to the trail with time to spare, ideally before everyone else gets there. Finding their leader on the trail when they get there gives hikers more confidence.

The Best Way to Lead a HikeLead the Hike

Be patient when you start. Take your time to allow people get into the pace. Find an experienced hiker among the group and have that person be last, to make sure no one gets lost or that you don’t leave any injured hikers behind.

Make Stops Along the Way

Find points of interest during your hike and make a stop, so that people can take a moment to appreciate nature, the views or anything else of historical or cultural value. Also, make time to stop for snacks or lunch along the way. This will give people a moment to talk and refuel before carrying on with your adventure.

Stick Around Once It’s Over

Don’t just leave once you’re back. Take a moment to talk to your group, thank them and have them ask you questions or give you feedback. This is a great practice that will bring out the best hike leader in you.

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