Plastic pollution is real and it takes a toll on the environment. Why? The reasons are many. By understanding why this is damaging our earth, we can be better equipped to protect it.

Why Plastic Pollution is Terrible for Earth

These days, plastic is everywhere. Sandwich bags, water bottles, supermarket bags, CDs… Everywhere! Did you know that we have produced enough plastic to coat the Earth in cling wrap? There was a study that showed just that. No wonder there is so much plastic pollution. We make endless amounts of it and it takes forever for it to break down.

Tons and tons of plastic waste can be around for thousands of years in water, and they can easily transport invasive species which can disrupt habitats. Over time, we have managed to cover the ocean floor in plastic. In 2014, researchers came across significant amounts of plastic granules, that had been swept from the Pacific and had ended up in the Arctic Sea.

Why Plastic Pollution is Terrible for EarthAnd with all this plastic laying around, what happens to wildlife? On one side, it can find a way to adapt to the new circumstances. For instance, hermit crabs have turned to plastic bottles and started using them as homes. In other instances, animals are affected by plastic, like turtles and seabirds, they get tangled up in plastic and can even drown from this. Many species are negatively impacted by the effects of plastic in the environment.

How Do We Help?

Being mindful consumers is the key. Minimizing plastic consumption in your own home is a great start that can be really helpful. Also, when you take a trip to the great outdoors, try to pack your snacks and goods in paper bags or other types of containers, so you don’t end up with tons of plastic in your hands that you eventually want to get rid of. Travel green and come to Colorado to enjoy the beauty of nature without impacting the environment.

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