Beautiful Couple on bicyclesMile Hi Presents One of the 7 Wonders of Colorado!

Mile Hi Rafting Company has been providing adventures and excursions to individuals and families for years in the Rocky Mountains.  We love and appreciate the beauty here in Clear Creek County, which is why we based our business on sharing it with others through white water rafting, ATV and UTV tours and camping excursions.  In this 7 part series, we want to share with you the beauty and wonder of the rest of Colorado, as well.  Today, in The Seven Wonders of Colorado, we look at an outdoor destination that once was included in the 7 Natural Wonders of the World.  Red Rocks Amphitheater is an internationally renowned scenic destination in the foothills right outside of Denver.  Let’s learn about the history and beauty of this place!

Garden of Angels

Red Rocks Park in Jefferson County, was once named as Garden of Angels in 1870 by Martin Van Buren Luther, a pioneer judge in Colorado.  It was originally discovered in 1820 by an Army expedition led by Stephen Long.  Before that the Ute Indians used it for camping, as the rock formations guarded against the elements quite well.  The land was purchased by a famed editor and he changed the name again to Garden of the Titans.  The owner, John Brisben Walker, organized concerts on a temporary platform.  However, it was known by reputation as Red Rocks, and was officially and formally given that name when the city of Denver acquired the land in 1928 from John Walker.

Red Rocks Amphitheater

Now a world famous concert venue, Red Rocks has hosted concerts since the turn of the century.  The naturally formed amphitheater seats 9,525 and offers acoustically perfect sound for bands ranging from Sting, The Beatles to opera singers and U2.  Set at 6,450 feet above sea level, Red Rocks is home to 868 acres of deer, dinosaurs, and incredible views.  The park is comprised of two main rock formations.  Both of which are taller than Niagara Falls.  Some rock formations in the park are at a 90 degree angle while others are tilted backwards!  Aside from concerts, one can enjoy biking, hiking, tours, and even shopping!

Complete Your Tour of Red Rocks with an ATV Tour of Clear Creek County!

summer atv fun

With our professionally guided ATV tours, you will see even more of this historic and scenic area surrounding Red Rocks.  Mile Hi Rafting Company is a family owned and operated company.  We want our guests to have personalized attention down to the detail on any tour or camping excursion.  Our family has been in the mountains for over 75 years and are excited to share the mountain experience with you.  We love sharing our knowledge of the history of Clear Creek County with you along with the breathtaking scenery!  Book your tour today!

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