Already suffering from cabin fever? Flowers are blooming, fishing is on the rise, rivers down with snowmelt, bird watching is at its peak. So, yes it requires more preparation than usual because Spring’s weather can be very unpredictable. But the rewards of enjoying the outdoors again, with a cozy campfire under a sky full of stars on a chilly spring night are priceless!Clear Creek camping

Spring brings along warmer days and wildlife revels with the end of winter. Even so, weather is still cold and it can also be very warm, very cold or very wet. So, keep in mind that safety always comes first and the need for thorough preparation is imperative. Here are some tips to get you started on spring camping or backpacking.

  1. Stay warm and properly dressed: Since the weather can change in a minute it’s important to dress accordingly and take your layers with you. Make sure you have warm, lightweight, waterproof clothing. Take a waterproof jacket along with waterproof footwear. Head and hands protection are still a must!
  2. Sleep well: It’s important to insulate with a barrier the ground and sleeping bag with a sleeping pad. You may also use a foam mat or air mattress. The sleeping bag also needs to be several degrees below what you actually think you need. Tent tarts are also a must. It’s best to be precautious!
  3. Don’t forget: Food should be stored in watertight containers, and bringing a big box of zip locks would save your life! Take water sensitive gear, a stove that works in cold weather, a properly equipped first aid kit, extra fuel, extra shoes and extra marshmallows! A board game might be a life saver on a lovely rainy spring afternoon!

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Mile Hi ATV Tours


Mile Hi Rafting’s convenient location makes it an ideal destination for day trips and vacations. Whether you are heading out for your day of adventure or coming back from one-stop by for an ATV tour to finish your day. We pride ourselves in being flexible and will help you arrange any combination of options to create your own experience. Come see us for your next adventure!

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