Fall Hiking Tips to Enhance Your Experience

Nothing compares to the beauty of autumn in Colorado. This transitional season is one that’s worth experiencing outdoors. Hiking is one of the most popular fall outdoor activities. You could grab your bag and get going, but if you want to make the best out of your fall hike, we have some tips for you.

Check a Fall Foliage Map

The colors of autumn are magical, but not all trees turn at the same time. If one of the goals of your fall hike is to admire the beauty of fall foliage, take a minute to check on a fall color guide or a foliage map. Some of these guides will show you the colors by state or even by the national forest.

Dress Bright

Your hike is not the time to blend in. Be sure to wear clothes that can easily stand out. Neon colors are the best ones to spot from afar.

Fall weather changesLeave Prepared for Weather Changes

As we mentioned before, fall is a transitional season. That means its behavior can be quite unpredictable. One moment it feels like summer; the next, the temperature drops 30F degrees, without any notice. Be sure to pack some extra layers with you and throw in a waterproof jacket and socks. You’ll be glad you have them went it starts pouring.

Remember Days Are Shorter

As summer faded away, we started to get fewer daylight hours. No more daylight after 9 pm at this point in the year, so keep that in mind as you plan and execute your hike. The sun will set much sooner than before. If you’re planning on hiking into the night, remember to bring a headlamp or at least a flashlight.

Don’t Forget to Bring Water

Even if it’s no longer as hot as it was back in the summer, you’re still going to sweat on your hike, and you will need to stay hydrated throughout your adventure.


Fall is the best time to step foot in the Great Outdoors and enjoy all of that beauty. Go out and explore!

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