Hello, stranger. Going somewhere? Be mindful of these things before you hurry out the door into your next adventure.

Don’t Head Outdoors Before You Do This

Running out into the wild without proper preparation can be dangerous. Save yourself the tough times and check these items off the list before you leave.

Study Your Adventure Location

Learn a little about the area you’re planning to explore, like the basics: weather, wildlife, transportation. Make sure you bring your GPS with you or, at least, a map.

Design a Plan of Your Trip

Any wise outdoor lover understands the risk of leaving without being prepared. Sketch a plan of what you are going to do while you’re out living the adventurer life.

Adventure in Denver

Tell People Where You’re Going

Don’t just leave without notice. Let someone know where you’re going and even share your plan or itinerary with them. It’s good that someone knows where you’ll be and when you’re expected to be back, just in case. If for some reason, they can’t reach you, at least they’ll know something’s going on and getting help is easier.

Don't Head Outdoors Before You Do ThisDon’t Go Unplugged

It’s understandable that you want no distractions while you’re immersed in the great outdoors.  If you were just going for a 1-hour hike, we might even encourage it but the thing is, it is not advisable to go far from home without a way to communicate. You don’t have to check your email or your social media, but keep your phone with you because it could be a lifesaver.

Keep Your Survival Skills and Kit in Your Back Pocket

Survival skills are a must so if you’re not experienced in that area, at least find a way to learn some skills before you head out. Also, pack your survival kit and keep it handy. You never know when you’ll need it.

Gear Up

Always consider the weather in the area before you pack. Make sure you carry the right type of clothes and enough of them.


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