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 Best Luxury Camping in Colorado with Mile Hi!

In our three part series, Mile Hi Rafting Company gives you the top 3 camping spots in Colorado. Mile Hi loves the outdoors and providing outdoor adventures for all ages with ATV, UTV tours and camping excursions! Just 30 minutes from Denver, in Clear Creek County, we offer adventure day trips for families and groups.  If you want to get out of town and see the rest of Colorado, check out our top 3 Colorado campground list!  Today, we present you the best campsites in Colorado with cabins.   From basic to luxury, Colorado has plenty of options for camping the great outdoors.

Bassam Guardstation and CabinTravel, tourism - Girl with dog ready for the travel for summer

Located in Buena Vista, Bassam is as close as you can get to being a settler. Stay in a one-room log cabin at the foot of the Collegiate Peaks. Listen to the gurgle of the bubbling brook running alongside your cabin set in an aspen grove. With no TV, it’s the perfect lazy weekend of reading and fishing. The cabin is equipped with a propane stove to cook on and a potbelly stove to keep you warm. Plenty of gaming trails surround the cabin to search for deer, elk and wild turkey in season. Fees are $50 per night to stay in this hidden jewel.

fall outdoorsFowler-Hilliard Hut

The 10th Mountain Division Hut Association reconstructed this hut after the original burned down four years ago.  The newest rendition is even greater than the former. Located just six miles west of Vail Pass, this 16 person cabin is available on a per person basis with shared accommodation, or can be booked as a full booking as well. Nearby Ptarmigan Hill and Battle Mountain provide hundreds of miles of trails for hiking and biking. Only $33 per person per night, open July 1 through April 30th, with ski access in winter!

Dunton Hot Springs

This luxury resort is set in the San Juan mountain range valley in an old west ghost town. The cabins include full amenities and are situated along the Dolores river, offering some of the best fly-fishing in the state.  A renovated hot spring bath house and saloon with a dancehall serving locally sourced meat, veggies and wine from the renowned Sutcliffe Vineyards in McElmo Canyon are on property for convenient dining!  Double cabins begin at $550 a night. Open year round.

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