When the normal life starts to weigh heavy on you, would you trade it for a life outdoors? Not just for a day, but every day. If it sounds attractive, #vanlife might be just right for you.

#Vanlife: Is It for You?

Life on the roadMany people have traded their city lives or nine-to-five jobs for a life in a van. #Vanlife has grown in popularity ever since this hashtag started being used by Foster Huntington, back in 2011. This former Ralph Lauren designer quit his job and his life in New York, and chose a completely different life; a life of exploring, surfing and taking pictures.

Tons of people have fallen in love with this lifestyle and have decided to do the same. It’s become popular, and it’s understandable why. For those who love adventure, this is the perfect chance to turn their whole lives into one, and enjoy all the gifts that life on the road can give.

What’s not to love? You can immerse yourself in the outdoors and take your RV to the beach, to the mountains, or wherever you’d like. This life promises tons of memories and stories to tell, cultural richness and much more.

A Picture-Perfect Life

According to The New Yorker, in the past six years, over one million posts have been tagged #vanlife on Instagram. Can you imagine? Now, you can find tons of pictures of starry nights, amazing sunsets, people doing yoga on the sand or fishing in mesmerizing lakes, and those outdoor lovers who are watching from the screen on their phones are hooked on the idea of a life so laid back and limitless. All you need is to be prepared for what this life offers and what it doesn’t. That, and some know-how on topics like camping etiquette, and winter camping, will help ease your transition into that van life. The rest you will learn along the way.

After meeting Foster Huntington, Emily King and Corey Smith decided to take this idea and run with it. Here’s what their van life looks like after 5 years on the road:

So, what are your thoughts on #vanlife? Would you go for it?

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