October is the official month when waterfowl hunting starts in Colorado! Home to many still waters and bodies of water like lakes, sloughs or ponds where waterfowl can be hunted, Colorado offers great conditions ad abundance of duck and goose. The best duck hunting takes place from mid October through the end of November, so this is the time to come down and pay us a visit at Clear Creek County.duck hunting

Today we talk about waterfowl hunting in Colorado, its requirements and excitement. Mile Hi Rafting Company, just 30 minutes from Denver, offers outdoor adventure for everyone in the family. We offer ATV and UTV tours and full overnight camping excursions, we help you in planning the perfect hunting trip.

Colorado: part of Central and Pacific Flyways

The Central and Pacific flyways are two out of the 4 administrative flyways in North America. Colorado takes a share in both of them. The flyways allow the better monitoring of waterfowl breeding habitat conditions, and informing of scientific news and updates. The hunting seasons depend on the type of bird and the flyway itself. The earliest season is the Early Canada Goose, which started in September 1st in the West area of the Continental Divide, meaning the Pacific flyway. The season that extends the most is that of the Light Goose Conservation Order, which ends on April 30th, 2015. Most duck, coot, dark geese and light geese seasons end on February 15th, 2015.

Waterfowl hunting requirements

As with any other kind of hunter, waterfowl hunters need a small game license, youth game or combination license with a federal duck and Colorado Waterfowl stamp. It is also required that hunters call the Migratory Bird Harvest Information program or register online their trip beforehand, in order to get a confirmation number that must be shown along with the license. Hunters have to inform themselves about bag limits for geese, as these vary from a daily bag of 5 to unlimited.

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