Are you one of those creative artists who enjoy working in the peaceful and powerful wilderness? Letting their feelings flow quietly in the canvas as they represent nature?

Well, I have great news for you and all art lovers and enthusiast. Through your art, you cannot only help protect and support Colorado’s wetland projects that benefit ducks, geese, shorebirds and other wetland-dependent wildlife species, but you can also get recognition and win money prizes.

Each year, the Colorado Waterfowl Stamp Program holds a contest for original waterfowl artwork that will be depicted on the Colorado waterfowl stamp. This Program is intended to conserve wetlands for waterfowl and water birds.

Colorado requires all waterfowl hunters to buy a Colorado hunting license (either a small game or a combination license) with a Colorado duck stamp verification, in addition to the federal duck stamp.

A stamp and a print of the artist rendition are created and sold to waterfowl and wetland enthusiasts, bird watchers, and stamp and print collectors. It can be requested at the time the hunting license is purchased and it will be mailed to the purchaser.

visit Mile Hi Rafting and win the art contest
Photo Credit: National Parks Service

How it Works

Wetlands conservation efforts of the Waterfowl Stamp Program improve habitat for ducks, geese, and more than 500 other species of shorebirds, songbirds, amphibians and reptiles.

Participation in the Waterfowl Stamp Program by hunters and non-hunters alike is an effective way to assist in the conservation of this precious resource, protecting with its funds more than 19,500 acres of wetlands.

All revenue produced from the sale of the hunter version of the Waterfowl Stamp (more than $6.7 million to date) is used to fund wetlands projects throughout the state.

Be Part of the Contest

Entries will be admitted September 12, 2015 through November 20, 2015, with a submission deadline of 4:00 p.m., MST. The winners of the 2016 Colorado Waterfowl Stamp Art Contest will be announced no later than December 31, 2015 and shall receive the following monetary rewards:

  • First Prize $3,500.00
  • Second Prize $1,000.00
  • Third Prize $500.00

So, waste no time, pick a scenic spot and let all your talent and creativity flow as you help to support and protect the environment.

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