Studies have demonstrated that children who are in constant contact with nature gain great physical and mental benefits. So, why not start them young?

Hiking with a Baby

If you’ve always loved the outdoors, there’s no reason to stop enjoying outdoor activities when you become a parent. You might need more preparation than before, but you can certainly continue to make the outdoors a part of your life. Even better, you now have a chance to share that with your little ones so that one day, they might share it with theirs. Here are three things you want to consider when you’re hiking with a baby.

Pack a Kid-Friendly First Aid Kit

It never hurts to be prepared, even if the idea is to keep accidents from happening. Put together a baby-friendly first aid kit you can take with you on your hike.

Some things to have on hand:

-Liquid pain reliever
-Baby Benadryl
-Diaper rash cream
-Ipecac syrup

Source: ACTIVEkids

Get a Sturdy Carrier

No need to worry if your child doesn’t quite take off running on their own yet. With the right carrier, you can bring them along with you on the trail. In fact, this turns the hike into a wonderful bonding experience for you and your baby. There are multi-purpose carriers that have a built-in backpack, which can make your life a lot easier as they provide additional storage space. In addition to the carrier, pack some other accessories like a rain coat and a bottle holder.

Prevent Sun Overexposure

Protecting against UV rays is a topic that will never get old. In the case of children, especially under six months, you might want to steer clear of sunscreen and choose other protection methods like dressing your baby in clothes that are lightweight instead.

Share the outdoors with your little onesShare the Beauty of Colorado with Your Little Ones

Enjoy the beautiful outdoors of Colorado and share it with your baby. Give us a call and we can help you prepare your next adventure. Just take these tips into account. You’ll find that a little preparation can go a long way.

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