Qualities You’ll Find in a Great White Water Rafting Guide

If you’re going white water rafting, there are two things to make sure it is a great experience: a great white water rafting location and a great guide.

When you get on a raft, you want to be sure that your guide is equipped with the full spectrum of white water rafting knowledge, from all the rafting basics to how to skillfully navigate the rivers. However, that’s not all that matters. A genuinely excellent rafting guide will have all the tech skills along with the right set of soft skills to ensure all those aboard have a safe and enjoyable ride. These are the qualities of a great white water rafting guide:

Makes Sure No One Feels Left Out

An inclusive environment is crucial, especially when taking part in an activity like this. A great guide knows exactly how to foster unity and teamwork, and brings people together even in the most extreme situations, whether they’ve all met before or not. They will promote new friendships and bring out a sense of camaraderie in everyone.

Is a Great Storyteller

There’s nothing quite like the great stories and experiences that a white water rafting guide has to share. They will give you great material to share with others as well as unforgettable memories.

Genuinely Cares for Everyone on Board

Not only will a great white water rafting guide ensure safety measures aboard, they take it to heart to make sure everyone is enjoying their trip to the max. They know just how to remain positive and calm in any situation, Rafting in the summer

Shows Passion for Their Job

It is one thing to show up for work and another very different one to give everything you’ve got when performing your job. That’s exactly what a great white water rafting guide does. Their attitude is contagious and makes you feel comfortable and confident in your team’s ability to get through the rapids, regardless of the challenges.


Mile Hi Rafting offers excellent white water rafting tours in the Arkansas River and Clear Creek, but most importantly, our guides are professionals with years of experience and will help you turn this experience into one you will never forget.

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